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When things get tough, you better let Go

Letting Go

I have not been willing to write about this for quite some time.  Not because I had some sort of writer’s block, it’s actually quite the opposite. After two of my close friends opened up about how they are trying to move on with their lives after a heart break, I didn’t have comforting words for them. I actually have so much to say or should I say I have so much on my mind regarding relationships as a whole. I have been bogged down by my own personal feelings on the matter that, I have not been able to funnel through it.

Life provides a thin difference between ‘giving up on someone’ and ‘letting someone go’. Sometimes, the best you can do, is to let go of all those things which makes you sad. Holding on to something or someone has been one of my biggest muse while writing this. Letting go of what had been my drug, my main source of inspiration, my emotional addiction. It was one of the hardest things I had to do and like with any addiction every new day is an entirely new struggle. Holding on too long has been a downfall of mine.

Nobody said it’s easy. In fact, it will never be easy. But you have to make yourself strong. Sometimes, when things go out of your hands, all you need to do, is give some time to yourself! Happiness is a state of mind.

Someone comes into your life, and you fall in love with them. You dream about spending your whole life with them. Change yourself, your habits and even your schedule just to make your relationship work. You conform, adapt, compromise. But, destiny had some other plans for you. Out of nowhere, everything comes to a screeching halt. Relationship ends. So many unanswered questions and you are devastated. You Separate yourself from the world. And everything seems blank.

Ring any bells? I’m sure, most of us have been through this pain of break-ups. But the question here is, do you take the brunt of the blame?? And the bigger question is “Are you ready to move on!?”

When you fall for someone, you settle for far less things that you wanted in your partner. We all want to be pampered.  We love all the attention. And isn’t it a beautiful feeling to know that you have someone who cares for you!?  But darling, all the wrong people say the right things. And sometimes, even with the right people, things go wrong.

There are truly many depths of love. You can love people for totally different reasons. However, when love is staring you in the face you truly know it without a doubt. Love makes you want to give, even when there is nothing to gain in return. At the same time love can sting when it’s not returned in equal or even a remote measure. While love can be so beautiful it can be equally dismal.

If you are alone, make the best of it. Be totally into you and a good friend to others and your family.

Find your passion in life. You will be ok and so busy living your life that when the right person comes into your life you will know it.

I am sure this isn’t helping you if you are going through a break up but know that the pain from a breakup do not last forever.

Here is something I came across, and I want to share with you people.

After break-up,

  1. Stop running back to them, or call them all the time. I know it’s not easy to let go, but the break up happened for a reason. Don’t keep calling them and talking to them like nothing happened or try to make them love you again. It won’t work out, but it will definitely make you seem weak and clingy.
  2. Forgive and forget. Let things go and remain cool. Don’t let your ex see you miserable without them, it’ll just give them the satisfaction and an ego boost.
  3. Its okay to cry at night. For the first few weeks, it’s going to be a long and lonely journey. So, it’s OK to cry. Cry your heart out. You are going to stop crying in the end because you’ll get sick of it and realize that it’s a temporary phase.
  4. Just because he/she broke up with you or doesn’t want you back doesn’t mean that you’re “worthless”. There are plenty of other people who want you and would be willing to treat you even better than your ex. Smile and laugh. Surround yourself with friends and people who care. Not only will you feel better, your ex will notice how happy you are and maybe regret rejecting you.
  5. Whenever you miss him/her try to engage yourself or take a nap it refreshes your mind.
  6. Don’t try to work things out with your ex you will just make them think that you still want them and that they have your heart.
  7. Do not regret any decisions, move on, it’s for the better.

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Jackline Obiero

I’m Jackie, I write about the beauty and messiness of life. I write about the stuff no one ever wants to address or share. And sometimes, I simply write for my sanity. Here at, you’ll find my every struggles, blessings and truths.

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6 thoughts on “When things get tough, you better let Go”

    1. I second you Rose hehehehe!!!

      I find letting go hard cause an amount of time was spent knowing the said person. I’m of the belief i can’t un-know a person once I’ve spent a great deal of time knowing the said person. So in the event i let a person go this translates to rendering that time useless. I don’t let go i may reduce the efforts getting in touch with the person till the friendship fades away.

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