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There’s only one you

It doesn’t matter when or where, it doesn’t matter the age, we’ve all experienced it at some point, so we all can relate to that icky feeling of being compared to someone else. You feel inadequate, sort of as though you don’t measure up. These thoughts consume you and affect your everyday choices and even worse… you begin to obsess over these comparisons which essentially means you believe them.

She’s prettier than you,
She has a better body than you,
She makes more money than me,
She got the guy- not me.

Not one person on this earth is perfect. Not one. The sooner we all begin to understand this, the better we all will feel when we’re faced with these situation. The fact is, there is always going to be someone that’s prettier, that’s more successful, and that’s nicer, and so on. For things that you have full control over, such as success, you can change that. You can use those doubtful thoughts and those comparisons to inspire you. Use it to your benefit, make it your motivation and strive to be the best that you can truly be. For things you have no control over such as the one of a kind face God moulded for you and only you, you need to learn to accept it… no, love it. No one has your combined facial features, and if someone doesn’t see the beauty in it, I guarantee you someone else will. But most importantly, you should be able to see and love your own beauty. A close friend of mine told me yesterday as I freaked out about a recent comparison that, “Don’t forget, beauty is more than what is on the surface.” You know you, you know the person behind the face and clothes. You know your beauty, own it and hold onto it. That way no one can strip you of it.

“Don’t forget, beauty is more than what is on the surface.”

Easier said than done, but you have to only factor in the positives and weed out the negatives. That means comments, thoughts, people, events and the list goes on. Whatever and whoever causes you to feel less than the wonderful and beautiful woman you are needs to go. Anything that makes you forget that you are one of a kind is not worth having around, or at least wasting your attention on. It takes time, it’s a lifestyle change but learning to believe in you, truly love you will be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself. Take it from someone who has always thought herself to be the duckling and has had “friends”, strangers and people of “importance” reaffirm that thought frequently, every day I move towards loving myself, the better I feel about life and the easier it gets to block out those negative thoughts.

She’s prettier than you, – But does she have your unforgettable smile?
She has a better body than you, – But is she comfortable in it?
She makes more money than me, – But is she making a difference to the world?
She got the guy- not me. – But does she have your ability to love and care like no other?

Your beauty, your success, your story is yours and only YOU can tell it.
Whether you choose to believe it or not, there is only one you and only you can share with the world what YOU have to offer. Your beauty, your success, your story is yours and only YOU can tell it and only your thoughts on YOU truly matter.
So what do you say? Ready to admit you’re unique and embrace it?
I will, if you will.

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Jackline Obiero

I’m Jackie, I write about the beauty and messiness of life. I write about the stuff no one ever wants to address or share. And sometimes, I simply write for my sanity. Here at, you’ll find my every struggles, blessings and truths.

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