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Thank You for Bringing Me Out into The Light

I was in the dark for the longest time. Every day that I had to live became a new corner in the labyrinth that I couldn’t figure out anymore. There wasn’t any hope for me, and faith became this frail brick I put every weight of my problems onto. Thank you for bringing me out into the light.

I was ready to fail life. There wasn’t any point of finding my way out; it never felt like there was any at all. And if I allow myself to listen to my soul, there’d be two of us wanting nothing but permanence it this little corner of the dark, silence and all.

You see, the absence of the light does not scare me anymore. I have grown to embrace the gloom that grew into pitch black. I never thought I needed someone to change it, all because change isn’t something that I need, it is something that I fear.

But your soft hands spoke to me differently. You held me in a language that only spoke rebirth. Your tender touch brought me back my wanting to exist. I wanted to be out there because nothing seems to come at par with the interlocking of our fingers that are fated to fit in every space in between.

You whisper to my soul in a level of clarity that it fully understands. I hear you there is nothing more we want than to share a life, with its ups and downs. Every motivation you tell me is a mortar to the walls. The more you had me believing in myself, the easier it was to break from my prison.

Thank you for the saving I never thought I needed. For walking me out of my labyrinth and for feeling my pain. You have shared with me this journey with your bare feet on the ground my wounds became yours, your healing became mine. And for whatever reason it is that brought you here with me, I thank it. I thank it so much, for it meant my resurgence in a world that is now filled with a greater purpose, a more colourful place to be blissful and all.

You saw me hiding in the little corner of the dark and there is no going back anymore. I am here to stay. I am here to hold you tight and make sure you do not follow the trail I left behind. I am here to kiss you goodnight just as sweet as how you kissed me good morning. This is me, grateful and alive.

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Jackline Obiero

I’m Jackie, I write about the beauty and messiness of life. I write about the stuff no one ever wants to address or share. And sometimes, I simply write for my sanity. Here at, you’ll find my every struggles, blessings and truths.

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