I’m hurt, but I’m not angry

After every maddening struggle we endured, our separation was sadly inevitable. I can look back and recognise that. Even as…

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I once believed that love was more of a roller coaster

Loving you is something like swimming in still waters and driving with the windows down. Easy. Calm. Even. Smooth. I…

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An Open Letter to My Father

Dear Dad, Thank you for always being such a great dad and at the same time playing the role of…

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Not too close

My family keeps asking me about you. You who I’ve conjured up in one million dreams and thought about while…

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How to keep that spark burning once you’ve gotten to know them.

One of the biggest terminating factors in relationships is boredom. People claim that the “spark” they once had with their…

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To My Friends

To the women who’ve chosen me ,pushed me to grow, motivated ,encouraged me, and who’ve shown me what it means…

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I wasn’t ready

“I feel like you didn’t try. In fact, I feel like I didn’t even have a chance at all. An…

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Dear Mom

I don’t think about you as much as I used to, and I guess that’s a good thing, but some…

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Nothing else feels quite like it!

It’s 10:30 P.M. and I want nothing more than to call you and take back my words in case I…

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